Tour de Lac
  • Tour de Lac

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The Tour de Lac is an epic one-day circumnavigation of Lake Pontchartrain. The ride is fully-supported with lunch included. The entire trip is between 165 and 175 miles of mostly flat S. Louisiana roads, levees and bike paths. It's not so much the challenge of the terrain that gets you, it's the sheer demands of being in the saddle for almost 10 hours.
This is the kind of trip that's incredibly enjoyable with a group of friends who you can share the workload with and at the end of the ride, upload data to Strava that will very likely amount to the longest one-day ride you might ever do.
Rouler will provide mechanical and nutritional support for riders over the entire course. Lunch will be provided during a stop at the Mandeville Trailhead on the Tammany Trace Bike Path.
Participants should be prepared to carry their own bottles, and should physically be capable of riding the distance. The only cause for cancellation of this event would be lighting or other severe weather in the area, because Rule #9. Space is limited to 20 riders only, and entry fees are non-refundable. Let's do this.
Libertatem ad explorare!


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