Peloton #63
  • Peloton #63

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In this issue of PELOTON Magazine we chased the World Tour as it debuted down under in Adelaide, South Australia, going on our own walkabout and discovering a rich and deep cycling culture – steeped not only in a passion for racing, but a passion for food, wine and good living.

But it was not just Australia enjoying the southern hemisphere’s summer, in San Juan, Argentina the racing may be in its infancy, but the wine is mature and full bodied.

We travel to Dubrovnik and Sicily, we ride in Mallorca and Sonoma. We meet Alexis Ryan, the young Canyon SRAM rider that made the most of her season’s debut down under and in the UK we go foraging for dinner with Vin Cox.

There is lots of new gear, including the latest World Tour rigs and two bikes ideal for two wheeled travel.

So come travel with us… around the world or just out your front door. This is issue 63 of PELOTON Magazine.


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