Peloton Magazine Issue #61
  • Peloton Magazine Issue #61

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This is our favorite issue of the year. The only words, other than this note, are from the photographers themselves. It is really their issue, a place where we showcase a diverse and talented group of photographers in the world of cycling.

This past month, the staff of Peloton met in Ojai, California, to plan 2017 and a phrase came up that is really the theme for everything we do and especially our Photo Annual: In the specific is the universal.

So we ride our bikes. We are part of the cycling tribe. We make a magazine, we create films and digital stories, and then we go home and become husbands or wives, hopefully make an inspiring dinner, and then read and go to sleep. At night, we dream of bikes, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, the races, the athletes and our sport’s history. We wish we were fitter and immediately, in dreamland, we decide to ride more.

We wake up and we ride, then we go back to making magazines and creating stories. It’s an absolute gift to be in the position to “create” a product that illustrates our love for riding bikes. And photography is the actual window for us into cycling. It is always an image that we remember. That image leads to a story and then that story ends up in a magazine. There is an order.

This issue is all celebration. All passion. All fuel to hopefully get you through the winter and into dreamland—where you can plan spring and summer trips, ride new training routes, discover new places and make you new friends.

At the end of the day we are just cyclists, but within that definition there is the universal: heroes; heroines; tragedy; triumph; defeat; victory; strength; weakness; life; death; pure joy; pure exhaustion; and, most importantly, community. People to ride with. People who motivate us to continue on, both in cycling and in life. People to drink wine with. The family we always wanted and now get to choose.

These are just images. But, in these images is everything we will ever need.

Live. Love. Ride. Repeat.

Enjoy our 5th Photo Annual.


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