Chamois & Skin Crème
Chamois & Skin Crème
Chamois & Skin Crème
  • Chamois & Skin Crème

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A proper chamois crème has the ability to transform a good ride into a great ride. With a scent reminiscent of a springtime ride through the Garden District of New Orleans, our handcrafted formula contains lubricating and anti-bacterial ingredients that help minimize the irritation caused by long periods of time in the saddle.

We offer a men's and women's blend with the only difference being that the men's blend also contains menthol and peppermint for additional cooling and "vibe".

Ingredients Include:
Sunflower, Calendula, Lavender, Tea Tree, Menthol (Men's Only), Peppermint (Men's Only)

Please note: Our pots are hand-filled with 120ml as specified. However, please be aware that this may not completely fill the packaging pot supplied.

Made in the USA.


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